Pflanzenwurzel mit Mykorrhiza-Pilz Granulat

BioMyc™ Vital

The universal genius. BioMyc ™ Vital are used in about 90% of all plants to induce and experience better root growth and plant vitality

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BioMyc™ Ekto Vital

Biomyc ™ Ekto Vital is a mycorrhizal inoculum containing infectious units of ecto-mycorrhizal fungi which enters into a symbiosis with conifers or deciduous trees.

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BioMyc™ Eri Vital

BioMyc ™ Eri Vital is a mycorrhizal concentrate specially developed for blueberries and heather. It contains spores and other organs from Ericaceous mycorrhizal fungi.

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BioMyc™ Rhodo Vital

BioMyc ™ Rhodo Vital was specially developed for rhododendron species and azaleas. It contains mycorrhizal spores from symbionts of the heather family such as rhododendrons and azaleas.

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Rhododendron in voller Blüte. Behandelt mit BioMyc Rhodo Vital.